Monday, September 12, 2011

TV Tray + Fabric + Staple Gun = One Cute Pressing Board!

A couple weeks ago I was looking around on my latest addiction, Pinterest, and I came across a wonderful idea by Texas Freckles Blog! She used an inexpensive tv tray and turned it into a pressing board! What a fabulous idea for our little efficiency apartment that has limited storage space. We have been needing a pressing board anyways, so I couldn't wait to try it out!

So, I got all the supplies and tried it out. I am super happy of how it turned out:

Here are the easy steps I took to make this adorable pressing board!

Supplies Needed:
  • Wooden Tray Table
  • Home-Dec Weight Cotton Fabric
  • Natural-Fiber Batting
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors
1. First cut the fabric and batting to where there is enough to wrap around tray and staple. Don't worry if you have extra because it can be cut after it's been stapled.

2. Lay fabric down (design facing down) and center the batting on top of it. Place tray on top of fabric and batting. 

3. Starting in the center of one side, pull the fabric to the underside of the table and staple it in place. When stapling the fabric pull it back gently making sure that it is stretched, but not strained. Staple in place and repeat, alternating sides and moving out towards the corners, until the fabric has been pulled to the back and stapled on every side. 

4. Last will be the corners where you just fold each side in and staple.

5. At this point if you still have extra fabric you can trim it off with some scissors. Check the tray to see if there are any spots where a extra staple could be used & then flip it over and enjoy! 

Did I mention it works great as a desk?! :)

~Wishing you creative bliss~