Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 DIY Headboard Ideas

So, I have a confession to make... I am a pinaholic. I. LOVE. PINTEREST. Who doesn't love Pinterest?! I think I even catch my husband liking, laughing, or wanting me to pin certain ones when I am on and he is near by! I remember one of my first pins was a DIY headboard idea. So, thanks to Pinterest today's post is dedicated to my favorite DIY headboard ideas. 

1. Rustic Window Influence:

Something Breezy
My first headboard idea is featured from no other Using old windows just adds an element of rustic chic to any room. This is a fairly simple DIY because all the materials you need are window(s), fabric, and a staple gun. The best way to get these rustic windows is either from antiquing/thrifting OR find a family/friend who has barn connections. I was lucky and had a friend grab these at their family farm.

Here are the three easy steps I did to make mine:
  1. Wipe/Clean windows up
  2. Measure and then cut fabric 
  3. Staple fabric onto the back of the window

YAY! Super easy and super cute! My favorite part about this is you can change out the fabric any time that you please...nothing permanent. Here is the picture that I got my inspiration from:

the boo and the boy
2. Cozy Up:

Better Homes and Garden
I am all about cozy. Find a fireplace screen, unfold, and hang. I would spray paint it an accent color so it would complement with the other colors in the room. Throw some Christmas lights around it to make it extra cozy.

3. Bookworm:

Better Home and Gardens
AAAAAHHH for those bookworms, this one is for you! One of my favorite DIY headboard ideas yet again comes from Better Homes and Garden. Curtain panel, curtain rod, fabric markers, and favorite quotes....few materials to make a bold statement would make this DIY well worth the time!

4. Reclaimed Wood:

I hate throwing away items when I know I can reuse it for something better! This DIY uses reclaimed wood and makes it a great upcycling project, and who wouldn't want to give back to the enviornment?!   Head over to Remodelholic for the full tutorial.

5. Chalk It Up

Apartment Therapy
I am obsessed with chalkboard markers. So, any time I get to chalk it up, I will! This DIY is simple and versatile by being able to erase and draw/write whenever you please. Inexpensive chalkboards can be found at Hobby Lobby or any other craft/decor supplier. 

So, there you have it, Something Breezy's top 5 DIY headboard ideas that I absolutely adore. 

As always,
~Wishing you creative bliss~