Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh, How Smashing!

Wow, the month of February is just flying by! (Get ready for sarcastic tone) We all know that everyone's favorite holiday is in this month...Valentine's Day! Ry and I had an awesome D-Day...oops I mean V-Day. Now that I have long-gone given him his gift I can now share this with all my fellow followers!

Awhile back I came upon this gift idea on Pinterest in which she took a Smash book and put words of scripture into it for her child to read to them as they continued to grow...AWESOME IDEA RIGHT?! Check it out at Lowercase Letters.

Lowercase Letters
I took this great gift idea and made Ryan a Smash book full of his favorite scripture, quotes, humor, entertainment, and mushy notes from me! I love Smash book because the pages are already decorated with fun designs, all you have to do is add your special notes and journaling to it.

  • Smash book (I ordered mine off of Amazon)
  • Decorating accessories, mine that I ordered came with a ton of SWAG all for $30!
  • tape, glue, stickers (smash book comes with pen and glue on the other side of it)
  • Photos, favorite sayings, quotes, scripture,etc...

Took scrapbook paper, printed off letters, and glued them to cover.

*WARNING* The following pages may be cheesy to you...I apologize in advance for all the mushy gushy stuff you see...ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK ;)

A lot of the scripture and quotes I found off of Pinterest and then printed them off! 

Little table of contents

2012 a year of great changes for us! 

Found some printable "love coupons" like free 5 min back rub, pick out movie for the night, etc... on Pinterest. Also, found great date idea list! Thew them in the envelope attached in Smash book.

 The next pages are some of Ryan's personal interests that I captured for him! Abe Lincoln his favorite President, and wise quotes by him. 

His trip to China.

 Humor that he loves. 

 Favorite Bible Verses

King David and other heroes that Ry likes. 

 A place to jot down favorite entertainment...

 Summer Vacation with a list in the envelope of questions for each other on the next roadtrip.

Our Songs.

There you are, the very smashing book that can be oh so personal. There are also additional pages I left blank for us to add to it! The best part was when Ryan opened it and how much he enjoyed looking through each page! This gift can be given at anytime and will surely be liked because of how different it is from other gifts. Hope you all made it through all the mushy gushy pages! Until next time...

~Wishing you creative bliss~

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  1. That is super cute! I think I might do something like that for Tim for his birthday. Thanks for the cute idea.