Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Sew Dishtowel Pillows

Are you excited about today's NO SEW CRAFT?! I AM!!! 

Today's craft inspiration is featured on the blog In My Own Style

So, here's the deal: I am slowly learning how to become a better seamstress, so in the meantime I am still obsessed with crafts that have no sewing required! 

This craft is perfect for so many people (and just to list a few):
  • Those who hate to sew
  • Budget Buyers
  • Last Minute gift givers
  • College Students
  • Home OR Outside Decorators 
If you don't have these following supplies, grab your shoes and head to your nearest craft or fabric supplier:

  • Fabric Glue (Mine was Crafter's Pick $4.99 @ Hobby Lobby)
  • 2 Dishtowels (I got mine tan one at Dollar Tree and cheated and got some fabric at Hobby Lobby, because I needed last minute gifts!) Target and TJ Maxx have cute, but inexpensive ones as well :)
  • Poly-Fil Fiber OR Pillow Form (Can get these at a craft or fabric store, just make sure pillow form will fit dishtowel size) *TIP get a pillow that is going to be small enough so you can fold your fabric over. 
  • Embellished Pin OR Button
  • Optional: Iron, Elastic, & Scissors
In my Own Style shows three different variations to make your no sew pillow form: back-flap, front-flap, or no-flap. 

I documented the front-flap style, and here it is!

1. The great thing about buying the dishtowel is that the hem is already in place for you!  So line your dishtowels up so that they meet evenly with one another. Make sure that the wrong sides are facing each other. If you got two of the same sizes you shouldn't have to do any trimming :) YAY, SO EASY! *I had extra fabric which helped me during the fold, but do not worry if you don't because yours will still fold without it!

2. Grab your fabric glue and begin to glue the hemmed pieces together, pressing along the hem as you go so it will adhere. Don't worry about the white glue showing, it will dry clear :)

3. Continue to glue the two pieces together except for the top in which your pillow will go in! For extra adhesion, take your iron on the seams to seal. 

4. Optional: I did do just a tiny bit of simple sewing, using elastic and a button to hold my fold for the pillow. Complete this step now. 

5. Place your pillow or Poly-fil in your form and fold over your remaining fabric from your dishtowels to make a flap.... remember that I had extra fabric so yours may look a little different. 

6. If you haven't already,  attach an pin to embellish the flap for a complete look to hold your pillow together!

7. These are not only great for inside decor, but also for your front porch/deck decor!

Comment below, and let me know success stories!
~Wishing you Creative Bliss!~

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  1. I love this project! my name is also Bri, lol, thought that was neat :) I found you through the blog train... and I really like your blog, it has a lot of cute things in it and really good ideas, good job on this tutorial :) ty.