Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Charming Petal Mirror

When I stumbled across the DIY craft on The Art Annex I was ecstatic to get the materials and begin this charming petal mirror!

Materials Used:

  • Flower Petals (Dollar Tree $1.00 each)
  • Tacky Glue ( Hobby Lobby $2.47)
  • 2 pk Mirrors (Hobby Lobby $3.99)
  • Sharktooth Picture Hanger (Hobby Lobby $1.29)
  • Cardboard, Box Cutter/Scissors, Aluminum foil, & Buttons (Already Had)
How I made it:

1. To do the outline of the mirror you will need something round, so I went the the kitchen and grab a plate to trace. Trace the plate onto the cardboard and follow with tracing the mirror (centering it inside where you traced the plate). 

2. Use the box cutter/scissors to carefully cut around the plate traced part. Then pour some tacky glue on a scrap of aluminum foil. Begin dipping the rose petals (whatever color you want on outside) into the tacky and place in the outside ring.

3. Continue to fill the outside ring until full OR if you want to start with another color of petal.  

4. I glued on my yellow petals until it reached the mirror outline. At that point I was ready to glue my mirror on. I took the tacky glue and placed it on the back of the mirror and then in the outline. I let the mirror set in place for 24 hours to make sure it was secure.

5. I decided to outline the mirror and off set the petals by gluing on buttons (since I love them & had some extras).

6. Hanging this charming piece is the last step! I nailed the sharktooth piece into the backside of the cardboard, and then found a place on the wall to display it. :)

Can't wait to hear success stories of this DIY craft :)

~Wishing you creative bliss~


  1. It's super cute! And, as always, I'm impressed with the fact you already got it done!!!! I haven't even taken my stuff out of the sack. OY!

  2. Thanks Kelly :) Can't wait for our next craft day...maybe your stuff will be taken out of the sack then ;) P.S. getting my sewing machine this week!!!!!