Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh My Buttons!

Oh My Buttons! I absolutely love them, especially when they are involved in crafts!

So today's fabulous craft is no other then. . . (drumroll please . . . ) A Button Monogram!!!! 

Not only can this craft be a future piece of decor in your home, but also would be a fabulous gift for any occasion!

The original tutorial is from American Crafts Studio, but here's how I did it!

Supplies Needed:
  • Frame without glass (Hobby Lobby $6.00)
  • Bag of Buttons (Hobby Lobby $5.00) added to my collection! Remember to check around the home for spare buttons lying around or get some off of clothes you never wear anymore! 
  • Brads (not pictured Hobby Lobby $2.00)
  • Cardstock, Glue Gun, & Glue Sticks (Part of My Essentials)
  • W initial (typed and then enlarged in word document)

3 Simple Steps:

1. First cut cardstock down to frame size. Then plug glue gun in and trace initial on the cardstock.

2. Begin placing buttons inside letter! Here is a tip: start with the big buttons and work the way down to smaller ones. I used my brads as my fillers towards the end of the craft. Still wondering what brads are? ;) Check out the picture below.  I also glued as I placed them on so then if the craft accidentally got moved I wouldn't have to start over! Continue to fill up initial until it's full :)

3. When initial is finished pick all the glue goobers off and place it in frame to enjoy!

Of course I took this idea one step further and did this:

A Heart! Adorable...right?!

Wondering how it turns out? Check out my next post dedicated to baby shower gifts to see! :) 

~Wishing you creative bliss~

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